Hi! I’m Jasmine. I’m a technologist and philosopher, sometimes both at once. Most recently, I was working at OpenAI as a researcher on the policy team.

For the next few months, I’ll travelling around the world learning how different people are thinking about how to manifest beautiful, fulfilling futures for us as a species, and trying to write something coherent about it all.

I’m grateful to be supported during this exploration phase by the Centre for Long Term Priorities, Emergent Ventures, and Mozilla to read, think, and learn from people about how to make the world fantastically better.

Earlier versions of myself did engineering and research for Lyft self-driving, and Microsoft Research’s Tech for Emerging Markets group, and were supported by engineering, research, and academic fellowships most notably by Interact, Kleiner Perkins, 8VC, Microsoft, and the Fulbright Foundation. I am also a classically trained, now defunct, pianist (it’d significantly improve my life to have more musician friends– please say hi!); music represents much of what is inspiring about the world to me.

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